Episode 40 – Steal The Exact Software And System That Made A Ton Of Money

Hi-Jax is a clever little software tool that was directly responsible for over $15,000 in earned affiliate commissions. Get more visitors and clicks to your product promotion sales page by combining your bonus offer and sales page in a single link. And this is really simple to do and quite a brilliant concept.  Stop loosing 30% of all traffic never getting to the sales page, increase conversions and earn more commissions with this proven cloud based power house software technology today.

Hi-Jax is being launched on the 22nd of February at 10am eastern and brought to you by Michael Thomas and Brett Rutecky. In todays episode we sit down with Mike to see exactly how this tool can help anyone make more sales with affiliate marketing. Enjoy the show below.

Watch The Show Below

* Sales Page Preview *

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