Episode 46 – Beat Visitor Distractions With This Super Easy New Software

 eLasso is a brand new software tool that pulls lost visitors back to your browser page by using visual effects, direct messages and audio. eLasso is proven to bring back over 70% of lost visitors to which you can control what they see next... display same page, redirect to any url or even set up multi layer redirects to drive your visitor through a funnel. Imagine what this can do for your affiliate promotions, sales pages or blog posts. By picking up the development license you ca even offer this as a service to customers, utilizing the tracking numbers to show tangible proof of the effectiveness of your service.

eLasso is being launched on the 7th of May at 10am eastern and brought to you by Ivana Bosnjak, Petru Jacob and Sorin Constantin. In todays episode we sit down with lovely Ivana to find out what this software is actually all about and if is really does what the team claims it do. Enjoy the show below.


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