Episode 45 – Secrets Enabling Anyone to Profit From ANY Affiliate Product

B L O X is a brand new method that implements a unique way to do affiliate marketing and receive commissions, without actually promoting the specific products. If you find promoting the best product ever every day a bit tedious and in all honesty silly, then BLOX will show you how to promote one thing and sell multiple products on the back end. This method was discovered and tested since November 2017 and there is real proof this is working. In fact, they offer a money back guarantee if you spend the time to implement this and not make a commission within 48 hours.... do you have 2 hours to spare?

BLOX is being launched on the 22nd of March at 11am eastern and brought to you by Mark Bishop and Venkata Ramana. In todays episode we sit down with Mark to find out what this method is actually all about and if is really that simple to implement and profit. Enjoy the show below.

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