What is Behind the Launch all about?

Hey guys, before I explain everything about the show, allow me to introduce myself first…

My name is Pieter Du Preez and I am born and bred in sunny South Africa (Pretoria). If you have never been here, you should put that on your bucket list.

I am a regular 36 year old guy… well, with a beard… and blessed in so many ways. I have three lovely children (most of the time) and a beautiful wife (my rock). I do get the question often… “Whats up with the beard”… and to be honest I don’t really know why, probably just because I can and deep down to hide half of my ugly mug ;). Here is a picture of me and my wife on holiday in 2016.

Why did I get into making marketing?

There is no cinderella story here about living on the street or being down to $20 in my bank account (well money was tight though) and now I’m financially free.
No… Nothing like that and here is my story.
First of all I want to state that I have a full time J.O.B working for an international company and I actually love what I do so there was no drive to quit my job… and I will keep my day job separate from what I do here.
Secondly the main reason why I started looking into making extra money is because of the fact that my wife got pregnant with our 3rd child back in early 2014. This was planned by the way so there was no surprises.  She always wanted to start her own business as well and we decided there will never be a good time so we just need to plan and do it. I told her to keep her day job until the baby was born and then she can quit her job and take a year or two to number one… raise our baby and number two… start building her business and ideas from scratch without worrying about making an income.

This obviously put some strain on me and I needed to find a way to generate some extra income per month and having a full time job, I had to do this in the evenings. And thats when I started to look into making money online and internet marketing and kinda jumped right in. Since then I have learned a bucket load about this industry, with many changes and lessons behind my belt. I am still learning new stuff every day… to this day. Thats why I have decided to create a show to share my experiance as I learn to help other internet marketers fast track their journey and Behind The Launch was born

What is Behind the Launch all about?

Almost all internet marketers take what they have learned and package that into products to share with the rest of the world. I have learned that there are allot of dodgy marketers out there just trying to make a quick buck and rip off people, I have the scars. So I decided to start this show and conduct interviews with successful and respected internet marketers or entrepreneurs and shed some light on what they are actually offering.

All my interviews are accompanied by a review where I go through the product myself and highlight the good the bad and the ugly. Hence the aim is to provide as much information and value as possible in order to educate my subscribers, allowing them to make an educated decision for themselves, about which products would be beneficial to them.

We all strive for financial freedom in our lives, which does not necessarily mean being rich. In my opinion financial freedom is the freedom of having enough time in your life to enjoy with your loved ones… Thats what living is all about! We only live once and you have to spend our time right on this earth.


Facebook Group…

Please feel free to join my FaceBook group here, where I will provide all the information and announce what interviews I will be conduction and the members can provide questions that I can ask directly in my interviews.

I ask that if I ever say anything that captures your interest, please get involved on this site. The focus is any advise about earning money online and internet marketing. Please feel free to share anything interesting or raise opinions on the content I create. I love feedback from the community. Also speak up if there is a topic you would like to discuss.

If you ever need any feedback or support please mail me at support@behind-the-launch.com and make sure you visit my site regularly to view new posts as well as “interesting” ideas how to make money online. You are also free to connect with me through Facebook. (Link to my Profile)

I wish you the best in financial success and thanks for popping in! 🙂


Pieter Du Preez

Founder of Behind The Launch